Empowering Schools Through

Consulting, Training, & Safety Support

Our Service Plans Work Within the Standards Outlined by Professional School Nurse & Health Organizations and Follow Federal & State Regulations.

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School Health Consulting Services

Our consulting services include in-person evaluations, customized strategies, and implementations to ensure a student & school’s success.

We understand that school administrators and staff are busy focusing on the many responsibilities that their demanding role requires. When schools partner with My School Nurse we bring balance by assuring that programs and initiatives support every aspect of a child’s needs.

My School Nurse is always focusing on Safety, Health, and Wellness, so you don’t have to.

Basic Medical Training for Schools

Ensuring Your Compliance with State and Federal Regulations

Our staff training program supports Curriculum Directors & School Administrators. We ensure compliance with State & Federal regulations pertaining to staff training.

This service is designed to adequately equip school staff with the ability to respond to the physical, social, and emotional health needs of students.

All training contracts will secure five staff training or consulting sessions for one school year.

For a limited time, CPR/AED (Non-Certification) staff training will be added to contracts & provided at no additional charge.

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Mental Health Support Services

 Increase Your Students Motivation & Success

All our efforts stem from our commitment to empowering youth to discover their purpose. Our support services and programs equip them with strong foundational skills that will build their dedication to achieving their desired future goals. We help youth find their purpose while discovering their strengths and transforming their weaknesses with skills that set them on the path to independence and success.

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Life Support for Students (LSS)

Life-changing Intellectual and Emotional Transformation

When teens exhibit problematic behavior, both parents & school leaders may question teens’ motives. Often, the cause of poor behavior is quite simply a misunderstanding of clear boundaries, expectations, & consequences. Other times it may be far more serious: a call for help.

Our LSS program is a four-phase program that helps teens, parents, and schools identify & address issues that impact our student’s success.


  • increased positive & productive student attitudes
  • Increased motivation & confidence
  • Reduced negative behaviors & poor decision making
  • Increased attendance
  • Reduced destructive behavior
  • And much more

CPR and AED Training

For Staff, Students, and Coaches

Every 40 seconds, an American suffers from a heart attack. With staggering statistics like this, it’s imperative to equip our communities with skills to sustain life.

MSN makes it easy for coaches, teachers, administrators, and students to gain CPR/AED certification & First Aid certification.

Our programs provide an easy registration process, competitive pricing, and on-site training by authorized American Heart Instructors.

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First Aid Support Team (FAST)

Providing Coaches, Players, and Parents with a Peace of Mind.

Our M.S.N. First Aid Support Team provides medical support for athletic events. This service is designed for schools or sports ledges that do not have an athletic trainer or need additional medical support coverage.

Schools, parents, coaches, and students can be assured that immediate attention will be provided to injuries by a certified medical professional.

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Athletic Director Support Services

We Are Intentional About the Preparation of Your Athletes

At MSN, we have hours of research & collaboration with medical experts to create a comprehensive program that supports Athletic Directors.

We get your athletes ready, so you can focus on your vision.

Our AD Support Services include a personalized consulting & training program that is directly designed to impact the athlete holistically. Our curriculum includes nutrition, mental health, and time & budget management.

Let us transform your athletic program by equipping your athletes with the knowledge and skills to compete.