Mental Health Support Services 

Increase Your Students Motivation & Success

Your School’s Health Consulting Team

As your School Health Consulting Team, we are equipped with a team of highly qualified professionals. We will provide quality and accessible mental health services based on your unique needs, and we will consult and develop a service plan that will assist you in maintaining a healthy and safe school environment. 

Our staff includes qualified Social Workers, Counselors, Case Managers, Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, Medical Assistants, and Speech Therapists.



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We Have You Covered


All our efforts stem from our commitment to empowering youth to discover their purpose. Our support services and programs equip them with strong foundational skills that will build their dedication to achieving their desired future goals. We help youth find their purpose while discovering their strengths and transforming their weaknesses with skills that set them on the path to independence and success.

Scope Of Service

    • Provide Life Coaching services (individual and small group)
    • Intake/Pre-testing to identify areas of need
    • Diversity, equity, and Inclusion support and training
    • Support for strengthening and developing healthy relationships
    • Coping with COVID
    • Early intervention service for youth in need of additional support (grief, anger, anxiety, etc.)
    • Develop treatment programs and services that address the various mental health needs of youth.

Let Us Support Your Efforts


We take a holistic approach to help schools & community organizations support their students’ safety, health, and wellness. Our mission is to facilitate student success by addressing the needs that prevent & delay learning.

Working with our intentional coordination with community resources will have a significant impact by addressing the disparities and bridging the gap between quality health care and mental health services. In addition, our support will improve intervention effectiveness and strengthen community collaboration.


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