First Aid Support Team (FAST)

First aid and medical services for all your school athletic events.

Keep Your Student-Athletes Safe at Games

About every 25 seconds, a young athlete visits a hospital emergency room for a sports-related injury.

Playing sports comes with inherent risks. When an athlete fails to get up after an injury, the fear of the possible damage fills everyone with anxiety. Parents and students expect coaches, schools, and league managers to have everything under control.

Proactive planning reduces the risk of sports-related injuries and improves the outcome of each incident. Learn more about how our First Aid Support Team provides a safer environment for student-athletes at your sporting events, tournaments, and competition.

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Learn More and Get Pricing for FAST On-Site Event Medical Coverage

Give us a call (734) 992-7211 to request to speak with one of our team members to get a quote and learn how we can take the stress out of your sporting events.

FAST Support Services

Provide quality care to injured student-athletes and minimize the risk of further trauma.

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First Aid and Basic Life Support

Medical professionals and trained First Responders provide first aid and basic life support for medical emergencies.

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Communication Coordination

Communicate with identified event contact, coaches, family, administrators, and emergency medical support (911).

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Scene Control

Assist in providing crowd management at incident scenes to ensure safety and injury prevention.

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Incident Tracking and Reports

Accurately collect and track incident data to gain insight to better support injury prevention.