Life Support for Students & Young Adult Support System

Our programs are designed to identify at-risk young adults and help them achieve their full potential in school and life.

Phase 1: SOS Early Warning Alert

Early warning alert system designed to identify students and young adults who are struggling with being successful in school or in life.

Phase 2: Life Line Evaluation

An evaluation process that is designed to identify students core issues and guide students to the proper support intervention.

Phase 3: Life Support Curriculum

Courses designed to help students obtain success by improving their confidence, motivation, focus, commitment, and emotional stability.

Phase 4: Interventions and the Road to Wellness

Participants work closely with our team and partners to develop a support network in an effort secure permanent transformation.



“In 2016, I was asked, What do I want out of my life and career. Although I was able to ramble off around 100 things, I did not want. It bothered me that I could not answer the question. After sharing my concerns with Mrs. Brinston, she helped me to define my values, the importance of gratitude and being grateful each day. Ultimately she assisted me in writing my intention statement. This process was so very impactful. My life began to transform. It gave me a clear vision of how I wanted my life, and It continues to remind me that I don’t have to settle for things that do not line up to it. My life has changed drastically. My intention statement and this process became the map for the work that I needed to do to be successful. I am so grateful, and I have duplicated this process for every major area of my life………..”



“From an IEP to an MD”
“When I first took the YASS program, it provided me with a complete mental reconstruction. It put me in the right mindset. When I had doubts about my potential, and I was stuck in limbo and did not know where to go or where to start, It made clear my next steps and put me in a positive place, positive attitude, and it gave me the fuel that catapulted me into my next adventure. I’m now in my first year of medical school! YASS has genuinely been a blessing and has helped me realize my true goals in life………..”



“Greatest takeback I received from this program is getting my voice of reason under control. I lacked confidence, and I had a lot of self-limiting beliefs. I had a lot of negative thoughts going on in my mind. This program made me realize that I can be extraordinary. It definitely changed my way of being. I was able to transfer this level of confidence in all areas of my life. Now I am more confident, and I believe in myself. It literally changed my life……….”



“ I wasn’t ready for adult responsibilities. I thought I had the world in my hands, but I was overcome by information overload. I became full of anxiety and stress. The pressure of life made me less vocal. I began changing into something that was not authentic. That’s when YASS came into my life. The process helped me to see that I have a choice, and I am the author of my life. Giving me a chance to rethink situations and giving me the opportunity to enjoy life again…….”



“I took this class, “LSS,” and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I was able to better myself and everyone around me. You will leave this program with knowledge and understanding. Before this program, I was weak-minded and needed to mend relationships that were broken. I was taught about communication and how I can communicate better with my Dad on a positive level. Before this class, I talked to my Dad once a week and now, almost every day. I was taught how to appreciate myself. No more backpacks (negative thoughts). I learned about integrity and how to be a good member of society. I was truly a blessing……”