73% of Schools DO NOT have a SCHOOL NURSE!

We deliver support services to school staff and students by using a holistic approach.

Our Service Plans Work Within the Standards Outlined by Professional School Nurse & Health Organizations and Follow Federal & State Regulations.

 From Traditional to Holistic

At My School Nurse, we take a holistic approach in helping schools & community organizations to support their students’ safety, health, and wellness. Our mission is to facilitate student success by addressing these needs that prevent & delay learning.

Our service plans work within the standards outlined by professional school nurse & health organizations and follow federal & state regulations.

Supporting Students & Educators through Innovative Services


School health consulting

We provide program evaluations, policy & procedure development, vendor & service recommendations, and staffing.

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Basic medical training

Our staff are medical professionals and trained to teach intellectual & emotional support services (Life Support for Students), CPR/AED/First Aid, and staff training programs.

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Safety Support

Sports injury

M.S.N. Safety Support Programs include medical support, AED sales, and emergency response plans.

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My School Nurse is a proud sponsor of the Nurturing Wellness Group Foundation

Serving at-risk students to help them achieve the physical, emotional, and spiritual balance required for academic success.

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VarsityGOLD Athletic Conference

Serving Metro Detroit Area Charter Schools K-12

“VarsityGOLD Athletic Conference is very pleased with healthcare services we receive from MSN. MSN has been VGAC’s exclusive Track & Field medics partner for 5 years providing services to over 300 youth athletes each track season. Our relationship is built on trust, teamwork, professionalism and MSN’s expertise in medical emergency care. We highly recommend MSN to schools and other business sectors that is looking for a diverse (highly skill level) medics team who truly integrate healthcare and customer care.” ~ Carla Denson, EVP