School Health Consulting

Facilitate student success by ensuring health needs are met in accordance with State and Federal laws.

Let Us Be Your School Nurse

A school nurse is the only school faculty that is focused 100% of the time on the health and wellbeing of the students and staff, and yet 73% of schools in Michigan don’t have one.

When schools partner with My School Nurse, we bring balance by assuring that the school is in compliance with state and federal requirements and the programs and initiatives are developed within professional standards outlined by School Nurse and School Health Organizations.

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Strategic Approach to School Health

My School Nurse developed a four-part strategic approach to successful school health that includes a needs assessment, district care plan, formation of a coordinated school health team, and an evaluation.

Our goal is that all students have access to basic nursing services, and that students with potentially life-threatening and/or chronic health conditions have emergency care plans/individual health plans developed and implemented with staff training and supervision by an RN.

Download this Free 10 State & Federal Laws You May Be Violating eBook To See Where You Stand.

Without Knowing It, Your School Could Be Out Of Compliance When It Comes To Providing Health Services To Students, Especially Those With Diagnosed Disabilities.

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What We Do

School health consulting icon evaluate

Evaluate / Assessment

Evaluate, maintain, and interpret cumulative health data to accomodate individual needs of students.

School health consulting icon consult


Serves on committees, consults with students, families, and staff, makes recommendations, engages in research and evaluation of school health services.

School health consulting icon leadership


Assist in the formation of health policies, goals, and objectives for the school district.

School health consulting icon coordinate


Coordinates school/community health activities and serves as a liason between school, home, community and health care providers.

School health consulting icon promote


Advocate for the health rights of children and promote sound health practices for all students and staff.

School health consulting icon train


Provide health education and counseling to students and staff for a wide variety of wellness issues including diabetes, asthma, substance abuse, STDs, and more.

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Supporting Students & Educators through Innovative Services


Objective: Basic nursing services, case management, emergency care plans, individual health plans, screening programs, etc.


Objective: industry trends, operations, strategies, resources, program collaboration, legal support, advocacy, advisory, etc.

Safety Support

Objective: Policies and Procedures, standards of operations, State compliance, advisory, etc.


Objective: Social Workers,
Counselors, Nurses, Paramedics, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, etc.