Is Your School Staff Prepared To Handle The Medical Needs Of Your Student Population?

Written by Terri Brinston
July 14, 2023
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Is your school staff prepared to handle the medical needs of your student population?

When a child is in a medical crisis, everyone panics. It is overwhelming and quite stressful for everyone. Every situation is different, and you must respond accordingly. Current and frequent training will prepare your school staff to deal with the unknown.

We help schools develop strategies that support safe and legal medical management. Basic medical training is designed to equip school staff with the required skills to adequately and confidently respond to students’ physical, social, and emotional health needs while maintaining state and federal compliance.

Our workshops are provided for all school staff by licensed medical professionals and can be easily scheduled for PD days.

Our Programs Include:

Introduction to the disorder
• What signs and symptoms to look for
• How to assess
• How to provide care
• When to call 911
We also offer help with policy development and strategies for implementation.

When schools partner with My School Nurse, we bring peace of mind by assuring that your staff is aware of current standards, legal responsibilities, and legislative requirements.

Staff Training Options:

• Epipen Injections
• Diabetes care
• Breathing Emergencies
• Seizure
• Blood Born Pathogens
• Medication Distribution (2 hr Session)

The training can be customized to specifically address other special issues. We can also fully assess your training needs and help establish policies to ensure you comply with state and federal legislative requirements.

We Also Provide Certification:

• First Aid
• Delivery Options

My School Nurse is serious about equipping schools with valuable skills to support their students during a medical crisis. This is why we make it convenient by providing a variety of options to best meet your individual school needs.

We provide four different ways your team can receive training.

• On-Site
• Live Webinar
• Membership Portal
• Summer Training

Our on-site training platform is provided by a registered nurse and can be easily scheduled for Profesional Development. This 4-hour session can be provided throughout the school year or one day. The training topics can be selected based on your individual needs.

Live Webinar

Using the internet, we offer the same excellent training by a registered nurse in the comfort and convenience of your home or office as a “webinar.”

Your instructor will use a combination of screen and webcam sharing to teach the content. You will be able to ask questions via voice or live chat at any time. We will even have follow-up surveys and tests to gauge what you thought of the presentation and what you learned. It will be exactly like you are sitting in the classroom, except no travel is required.

Membership Portal

Our membership portal gives you six-month access to all your medical training content. This Self-Study platform is portable and ready for you anytime—no waiting for the next session or webinar that fits everyone’s schedule. You will have access to a membership portal loaded with your identified sessions.

Summer Training

We know it’s impossible to remove a secretary from their post during the school year. This is why we are scheduling a “Summer” School Support Staff Medical Training conference workshop.

Our full-day conference allows secretaries and support staff to get a break from the day-to-day business and relax as they receive some exceptional professional development. We help schools develop strategies that support safe and legal medical management. Our primary medical training is designed to equip school staff with the required skills to adequately and confidently respond to students’ physical, social, and emotional health needs while maintaining state and federal compliance.

Our training will include the following:

• Policy assessment and development
• Diabetes
• Epi-pen
• Medication Distribution
• Blood Born Pathogens
• Breathing Emergencies

This is an exclusive and intimate training for school staff who are responsible for providing medical support to students.


Understanding the MHSAA Requirements: A Coach’s Responsibility

All varsity, junior varsity, and 9th-grade head coaches are mandated to maintain a valid CPR certification, a requirement tracked by the school athletic director. This certification is on par with meeting risk management course requirements for assistant and sub-varsity coaches. The Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) requires athletic directors to confirm these certifications each season through

Failure to meet these requirements before the specified deadlines can have significant consequences. Coaches who fall short risk being prohibited from coaching in that season’s MHSAA tournament for their respective sports. Furthermore, they won’t be allowed to be present at the facility where the tournament involving their sports team is held.

Comprehensive Solutions for CPR Certification with My School Nurse

Navigating these requirements can be a daunting task for athletic directors and coaching staff. Enter My School Nurse, a pioneering solution dedicated to making CPR certification seamless and convenient for high school coaches.

Convenient Training

My School Nurse understands the demanding schedules of coaches. Our CPR training programs are tailored to your team’s availability, ensuring minimal disruption to your coaching staff’s busy calendar. We bring the expertise directly to your location, making the certification process convenient and efficient. We also provide blended learning options. An approach that combines online with physical place-based classroom methods. This reduces training scheduling time.

National Outreach

While we specialize in meeting the specific requirements set by MHSAA, we encourage athletic directors in other states to review their individual state requirements. My School Nurse extends its comprehensive on-site and blended learning CPR training services nationwide, ensuring that coaches across the country can benefit from our expertise

Conclusion: Prioritize Safety with My School Nurse

In the fast-paced world of high school sports, ensuring the safety of both athletes and coaches is non-negotiable. My School Nurse not only facilitates compliance with MHSAA regulations but also extends its commitment to safety and well-being to coaches nationwide. Schedule your on-site CPR training with My School Nurse today and prioritize safety on and off the field.

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