Who Is Trained In First Aid & CPR?

Written by Terri Brinston
January 26, 2022

Knowing is half the battle.

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CPR & First Aid Training


The American Heart Association got it right. When trained in CPR, students are instructed to point to someone and say, “you call 911 and get the AED.” This action is imperative because it ensures that that assignment is given to a particular person ensuring there is no misunderstanding of who should carry out that demand. I think about that every time I consult with a school administrator and ask a very simple question, “who in this building has been trained in First Aid and CPR.” Then I ask another question, “what type of medical issues are your students experiencing, and who has been trained to help them.” I don’t do it to be mean but to make a point. All three questions are pretty simple, and administrators should know the answers, but more times than I care to admit, they can not respond. Can you imagine a parent with a child with severe allergies, asthma, or any medical issues asking that question when considering enrolling their child in your school? How would your response impact their decision?

Administrators, I know you have a million things on your plate so let’s get this one marked off your list.

Start a google doc (If your district is not using Google doc. You are missing out).

1. Create a folder title: “Staff Medical Training List.”
2. Create a spreadsheet with all your staff members’ names in the left column
3. Add your identified training titles across the top role
4. Send a link to the document to all your staff with the following instructions:
      • Indicate the training you have received by placing the date received and (if applicable) the date expired.
      • Due date and the frequency of updates
5. Send the document out in September and then again in January.
6. Print and provide your list to teachers, security, school building administrators, and the main office.

That’s it! Now when someone asks, “Who in your building is certified in First Aid and CPR, “ you can simply pull your list out and spare yourself the awkward stare by the person asking. Let us help simplify your life and address other issues that impact the safety, health, and wellness of your students and staff. Schedule a 15-minute phone dialog and learn how we can help.

Understanding the MHSAA Requirements: A Coach’s Responsibility

All varsity, junior varsity, and 9th-grade head coaches are mandated to maintain a valid CPR certification, a requirement tracked by the school athletic director. This certification is on par with meeting risk management course requirements for assistant and sub-varsity coaches. The Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) requires athletic directors to confirm these certifications each season through MHSAA.com.

Failure to meet these requirements before the specified deadlines can have significant consequences. Coaches who fall short risk being prohibited from coaching in that season’s MHSAA tournament for their respective sports. Furthermore, they won’t be allowed to be present at the facility where the tournament involving their sports team is held.

Comprehensive Solutions for CPR Certification with My School Nurse

Navigating these requirements can be a daunting task for athletic directors and coaching staff. Enter My School Nurse, a pioneering solution dedicated to making CPR certification seamless and convenient for high school coaches.

Convenient Training

My School Nurse understands the demanding schedules of coaches. Our CPR training programs are tailored to your team’s availability, ensuring minimal disruption to your coaching staff’s busy calendar. We bring the expertise directly to your location, making the certification process convenient and efficient. We also provide blended learning options. An approach that combines online with physical place-based classroom methods. This reduces training scheduling time.

National Outreach

While we specialize in meeting the specific requirements set by MHSAA, we encourage athletic directors in other states to review their individual state requirements. My School Nurse extends its comprehensive on-site and blended learning CPR training services nationwide, ensuring that coaches across the country can benefit from our expertise

Conclusion: Prioritize Safety with My School Nurse

In the fast-paced world of high school sports, ensuring the safety of both athletes and coaches is non-negotiable. My School Nurse not only facilitates compliance with MHSAA regulations but also extends its commitment to safety and well-being to coaches nationwide. Schedule your on-site CPR training with My School Nurse today and prioritize safety on and off the field.

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