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Terri Brinston, RN, MA, CLNC

Chief Executive Officer

When our children struggle, we all struggle! Terri is passionate about the future, our children. She believes our school systems teach many valuable skills, but they do not address all the aspects necessary for children to succeed & thrive in life. It is her great passion to fill the gap that exists between education & wellness. Terri’s mission is to facilitate student success by addressing safety, health, and wellness needs that often prevent & delay learning & success. Her unique experience & education have seamlessly bound together to make her a leader in the healthcare & education industry.

Terri holds a Master of Arts in Education Administration & Community Leadership from Central Michigan University, and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Madonna University. Among her professional certifications, she is a Registered Nurse, holds a Legal Nurse Consultant certification, and is certified as an American Heart instructor. In addition to working as a pediatric nurse, Terri has almost two decades of experience teaching & consulting with schools, parents, and students.

Terri Brinston has been married for 26 years. To their union, they have been blessed with 2 children. In her leisure time, she is actively involved in her church’s ministry. She serves as an AdvancEd external review team member, a member of the MI Association of School Nurses & National Association of School Nurses, a member of the Michigan Health Occupation Educators Association, and an advisor of Michigan Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA).

Our Vision

73% of schools do not have nurses due to budgetary constraints & a lack of knowledge on regulatory health & wellness.

M.S.N. Consulting Services, LLC was fueled after I read an article titled “School Nurse Shortage.” As an RN, teacher, and parent I was devastated as I read:

“When Mercedes collapsed to the floor, the school staff called the paramedics, but no one gave her an injection from the EpiPen, nor did they attempt any form of CPR or mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. When paramedics arrived, six minutes later, Mercedes was in full cardiac arrest and she died of an acute asthma attack”.

Unfortunately, similar tragedies are a common fear among school administrators & staff.

By starting My School Nurse Consulting Services, I was able to focus my skills on helping school districts navigate & address preventable tragedies.

Our mission is to facilitate student success by addressing safety, health, and wellness needs that often prevent & delay learning.

The M.S.N. team of medical professionals work within the standards outlined by professional school nurse & health organizations and follow federal & state regulations. Based on the needs of your school district, we provide custom programs across consulting, training, and safety support.

We support students & staff with health & illness prevention strategies and with securing state compliance pertaining to education & safety requirements. Our services can intervene through education in real-time & potential health problems; provide case management services; and actively collaborate with others to build students & families’ capacity for adaption, self-management, and learning.

Our vision
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A Holistic Approach

A shift from traditional to holistic will foster a more productive student, supporting their transition in becoming and contributing member of society

Our mission is to transform the education industry’s approach to health & wellness from traditional to holistic.

An education should involve learning life skills that a person can carry to navigate their lives & careers. It should support a student’s development in becoming a well-rounded & successful member of society. Though our schools are teaching many valuable skills, our current academic curriculum does not teach or deal with children holistically. Schools do not address all the aspects necessary to succeed & thrive in life.

Holistic medicine practitioners believe a whole person is made of interdependent parts. If one part is not working correctly, all other parts are affected. In this way, if a student has an imbalance (physical, emotional, or spiritual) in their lives – it can negatively affect overall health & academic success.

Students in our schools face continuous changes & challenges affecting their holistic balance of physical, emotional, and/or spiritual well-being.

Major changes caused by divorce, remarriage, moving, drug/physical/mental abuse, foster care, and unsupervised homes can have a large impact on youth. These major changes, along with minor changes, increase stress that students must learn to cope with.

Because of this, many students do not come to school ready to learn. Basic resilience & problem-solving skills are often missing. Many children lack the knowledge and skills to effectively deal with stress factors in their lives.

My School Nurse takes the lack of our students’ balance into consideration as we work with schools. We understand that school administrators & staff are busy focusing on the many responsibilities of their demanding roles. When My School Nurse partners with schools, we bring balance by assuring programs & initiatives support every aspect of a child’s needs.

My School Nurse always focuses on safety, health, and wellness – so you don’t have to.